3D Measurement

3D Measurement

3D is today’s way of measuring and scanning complex objects in a fast and exact way. 3D measurement is therefore useful in many different industries and situations. This type of measuring allows the optimization of equipment settings, which often creates significant cost savings: optimized equipment has fewer faults and defects, which leads to less unplanned downtime. Kiwa Inspecta provides 3D measurement that uses accurate (laser tachymetry) industrial total station technology and laser tracker technology.

3D measurement can be used in demanding conditions such as installing equipment, production process lining or calibration, and when determining the dimensions and outlines of separate large items. It is a great tool, for example, in places where measurement needs to be carried out with high accuracy, with hardly movable objects. 3D technology is also valuable in pre-fitting hardware − it shows clearly if you are installing an object that doesn’t fit into its place as it should.

3D measurement saves you time and downtime compared to traditional measuring methods, up to 70 %. Setting up and measuring with the portable coordinate system is fast, and no supporting constructions are needed. The object being measured can be in any position during the measurement so there is no need to move it. Measurement can be performed at your equipment’s coordinates or at the object’s own coordinates. Various measuring aids, such as tape reflector or prism with magnetic stands, are used to identify the correct measurement points. It is also possible to use a laser pointer to enable measurements straight from the object’s surface. This way the measured item doesn’t need be touched, which allows it to be measured whilst in operation in, e.g. the food industry.

Measurement results are available real-time on the screen and a graphical report makes it easy to compare results after equipment settings have been changed. Results can be used in CAD software to help further designs. In Finland, Kiwa Inspecta has received a utility model certification FI 8330 (similar to patent) for 3D measurement.

Benefits of 3D Measurement (Laser Tachymetry)

  • Enables exact and fast measurement results
  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Time-saving and cost-effective
  • No need to set up scaffolding