Inspection of Lifts and Escalators

Inspection of Lifts and Escalators

We seldom think about why the lift in a residential block is safe or whether an escalator in a shopping centre is working properly or not. Neither do we worry if the ski lift is in order when we’re on holiday in the mountains. We take it for granted that our living and working environment is safe and that there is little risk that an accident will occur.

Safety requires regular maintenance according to manufacturer's instructions and that annual inspections are carried out. Inspection is more than just complying with legislation and regulations. It is a question of your business, your employees and your customers' security. It is also about operating economically, not being hit by costly downtime because of damage not detected in time.

Inspections yield substantial data that can be used to ensure safety and increase the life span of a lift or escalator. The results serve as a valuable input for your maintenance systems and provide early warnings of future problems so you can avoid costs or, at worst, an emergency breakdown.

Kiwa Inspecta inspects all kinds of lifts and escalators. We do inspections at every level, ranging from design review, installation, manufacturing, modernisation, maintenance and in-service inspections. We serve you with skilled and experienced staff, combined with practical procedures and clear-cut documentation. Integrity and respect for our partners are imperative for Kiwa Inspecta and we work very closely with our customers.

Benefits of Inspection of Lifts and Escalators

  • You minimize the risk of injury
  • You increase operational availability
  • You obtain a good basis for planning maintenance and investment
  • You get high technical competence, good service and a good geographical coverage