Certification of Pressurized Equipment and Vessels

Certification of Pressurized Equipment and Vessels

Pressure equipment describes a diverse group of demanding, potentially dangerous structures. Therefore the European Union has developed directives and, along with national legislation, these set strict requirements concerning mechanical safety, durability and operational security of the equipment and assemblies. The Directive concerns items such as vessels, pressurized storage containers, heat exchangers, steam generators, boilers, industrial piping, safety devices, assemblies and pressure accessories. Safety and other requirements need to be taken into account already at the design stage of new pressure equipment.

Kiwa Inspecta offers you product certification as an independent Notified Body. Certification shows that your equipment meet essential safety requirements covering design, manufacture and testing. If your product satisfies appropriate conformity assessment procedures or the manufacturer’s quality system is assessed, manufacturers are entitled to mark their products with a CE mark, an international signal of quality, trust and safety.

All in all, expert help is needed to guarantee safety and compliance to the requirements. In the certification process, Kiwa Inspecta verifies that the technical construction drawings comply with the requirements and that the device is built according to standards and regulations. Before assigning the certificate Kiwa Inspecta also checks that all necessary pressure equipment compliance tests have been successfully completed.

In addition, Kiwa Inspecta’s service offers you a whole portfolio of inspection, testing and certification services to assure the quality and the safety of your equipment during its whole lifetime. For example, periodic inspections, non-destructive testing services, failure investigations and life cycle assessments support you in keeping the equipment safe and in good condition as long as you want it in operation.


  • Ensures safety for people and the environment
  • Ensures the conformity of the products
  • Promotes high quality in the design and manufacturing phase
  • Enables disturbance free uptime when in operation
  • CE mark allows international trade, promotes competitiveness and ensures free movement of products within EU & EEA market (in total 30 countries) and facilitates sales