Certification of Passenger and Goods Lifts and Their Safety Components

Certification of Passenger and Goods Lifts and Their Safety Components

New lifts or lift safety components can't be manufactured or brought onto market in the European Union without following the regulations set in the Lift Safety Directive (2014/33/EU). One requirement of the directive is product certification, which means that the products need to be assessed and approved by a Notified body such as Kiwa Inspecta.

Kiwa Inspecta carries out EC-type examinations for people and goods lifts and safety components. Services are targeted to manufacturers of passenger lifts and lifting equipment. The directive applies to all lifts intended to carry people and any lift to which people have access to. The purpose of the directive is safety − common regulations ensure a high safety level in the design and manufacturing of lifts throughout the European Economic Area.

However product certification also means ensuring a products’ quality in the production stage as well. This benefits both the buyer and the producer. Products approved by Kiwa Inspecta don’t have to be approved separately in different EU and EEA countries, which promotes competitiveness for manufacturers. Type examinations are also recognized as an indication of safety worldwide, so our services benefit companies exporting products outside the EU/EEA area, too.

In addition to mandatory product certification according to the Lifts Directive, Kiwa Inspecta also offers voluntary product certification of lift components and technologies. This service gives you as manufacturer the means to assure the conformity of products and helps to prove this to your clients.


  • Ensures that lifts are safe for passengers
  • Promotes high quality in the production phase
  • Ensures the conformity of the products
  • Allows international trade, promotes competitiveness and ensures free movement of products within EU & EEA market (in total 30 countries)
  • Gives valuable information to the manufacturer