Certification of Measuring Instruments

Certification of Measuring Instruments

There is a wide variety of different measuring instruments on the market today, such as utility meters, liquid measuring systems and weighing instruments. These instruments are most likely used in trade, and therefore certain requirements must be fulfilled to guarantee correct measurements. To ensure this, all instrument manufacturers in the European Economic Area (EEA) need to follow the legislation and regulations based on Directive 2004/22/EC on Measuring Instruments (MID) or Directive 2009/23/EC on Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI).

The key requirement of the directives is the conformity assessment of products carried out by a Notified body like Kiwa Inspecta. We offer manufacturers a wide range of services, such as EC-type examination, assessment of quality systems and product verification. These assessments help manufactures ensure that their products are of high quality and conform to these European directives.

As a symbol of an impartial certification, an appropriate CE mark is marked on the measuring instrument. Instruments assessed by Kiwa Inspecta may be used in all countries across the EU without local approval procedures. Kiwa Inspecta supports all measuring instrument owners with verifications, which ensures reliability of the measurements during their use.


  • Assures quality of the measuring instruments
  • Helps manufacturers ensure conformity to regulations
  • Ensures correct measurements from the instruments when in use
  • Enables and helps international trade, promotes competitiveness and ensures free movement of products within EU & EEA market (in total 30 countries)