Assessments of conformity of machinery

Assessments of conformity of machinery

New machinery, interchangeable equipment and lifting accessories must comply with the basic health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). These common rules ensure a high safety level for the design and manufacture of machinery in the EU. Common rules also ensure free movement of machinery within the EU and EEA.

For some machinery, a third party inspection (an EC type-examination) is compulsory before the product can be placed on the market. For most machinery, the manufacturer can assess and declare the conformity himself, or use an inspection body to help him in the assessment. In both cases, an assessment of conformity of machinery, carried out by an independent third party inspection body, ensures a high level of safety and compliance with the applicable requirements.

Kiwa Inspecta is a Notified Body under the Machinery Directive. This means that Kiwa Inspecta is allowed to perform EC type-examinations and issue EC type-examination certificates for certain categories of machinery listed in the Annex IV of the Machinery Directive. Products that are examined by a Notified Body do not need to be re-examined in each individual country. An EC type-examination certificate applies across the whole common European market.

EC Type-examination certificate issued by Kiwa Inspecta under the Machinery Directive allows manufacturers to sell their products within the EU. The products for which Kiwa Inspecta is notified to issue these certificates are listed in the so called NANDO database, see

EC type-examination certificate is also a sign of your product’s safety for the rest of the world, which is an advantage for manufacturers that export products outside the EU and EEA.

Kiwa Inspecta also helps you with the assessment of conformity of machinery on a voluntary basis, in this case by issuing certificates of conformity for your machinery. This certificate gives you, as a manufacturer, and your customers, an independent opinion of an inspection body, showing that your product conforms to all applicable health and safety requirements. It also provides you with a competitive advantage amongst manufacturers within the EU.

Benefits of the services

  • Ensures that your machine is designed and  constructed according to the health and safety requirements
  • Ensures that your machine complies with the Machinery Directive
  • Safeguards free movement of machinery within the EU and EEA
  • Facilitates international trade outside the EU and EEA
  • Enhances competitiveness