Product Certification

Product Certification

According to the directives, a product certification made by a Notified body like Kiwa Inspecta is a prerequisite for new products to enter the market. For example, a lift inspector assures the conformity of lifts and different safety components in order to make it possible for a new model to be launched.

Notified Body means that the company has been approved for carrying out conformity assessments according to certain directives. The notification is valid in, and approved by, all EU member states.

Where is Kiwa Inspecta notified?

Kiwa Inspecta has been approved as the following notified bodies in the described market areas. The Notified Body numbers can be found on the local pages by clicking the name of the country.

Directive Denmark Estonia Finland Latvia Lithuania Norway Sweden
Hot-water boilers (92/42/EEC)     Checkbox      Checkbox  
Lifts (95/16/EC) Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox  Checkbox Checkbox
Pressure equipment (2014/68/EU) Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox   Checkbox Checkbox
Transportable pressure equipment (2010/35/EU) Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox     Checkbox
Cableway installations designed to carry people (2000/9/EC)     Checkbox      Checkbox  
Measuring Instruments Directive (2004/22/EC)     Checkbox        
Machinery (2006/42/EC)     Checkbox       Checkbox
Non-automatic weighing instruments 2009/23/EC (ex-90/384/EEC)     Checkbox        
Simple pressure vessels  2009/105/EC (ex-87/404/EEC)   Checkbox Checkbox      Checkbox Checkbox
Appliances burning gaseous fuels 2009/142/EC (ex-90/396/EEC)   Checkbox          
Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC (ex-73/23/EEC)   Checkbox          
Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/EC   Checkbox          
Construction products 89/106/EEC   Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox      

Notified Body - professional, international and accepted

Kiwa Inspecta’s qualifications with the accreditation given by local authority in each country can be verified (see list and links below); for example, to inspect and certify pressure vessels, boilers and weights and measures. Besides inspections defined in European directives, we also act as a third party in other inspections. This enables us to verify the quality of a company’s operations and products.  

As a notified body, Kiwa Inspecta works in cooperation with manufacturers, importers and sales representatives. Our extensive global network reaches clients all over the world. Kiwa Inspecta is a member of the organisation of European inspection bodies CEOC (Confédération Européenne des Organismes de Contrôle) and also member of AEAO (Association of European Assay Offices). Kiwa Inspecta is also a member of IQnet, the international certification network. 

We apply a qualification program complying with our own quality manual, which ensures the continuous development of our personnel’s professional skills. Our personnel’s profound expertise and long experience ensures that our services are efficient and defined time schedules are met. Our strengths also include international know-how and an extensive network of several district offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic states.