Personnel Certification

Personnel Certification

Today’s business environment demands and technologies change constantly, which also increases the need for developing people’s skills. In many business areas, safety aspects and environmental risks set even greater demands on you and your business to verify your personnel’s professional competencies. Personnel certification is your answer for complying with regulation and standards requirements as well as the needs of your workers and industry.

Kiwa Inspecta provides personnel certification to demonstrate and verify that your team has the required competencies and knowledge within a specific subject or area. In the process, their skills are assessed alongside the set industrial standards. When the requirements are fulfilled, Kiwa Inspecta issues each person with a certificate. A certificate can be regarded as external, third-party proof for your customers and indicating those people whose competence you can count on.

Kiwa Inspecta’s personnel certification services cover:

  • Welders, brazers and welding coordinators
  • Welding inspectors
  • IWI-exams
  • NDT Inspectors
  • NDT operators (incl. nuclear)
  • Nuclear inspectors
  • Lifting equipment inspectors and operators
  • Fire alarm and fire extinguishing system operators and inspectors
  • Burglar alarm system inspectors


  • Proves that the competence of your team members complies with current requirements
  • Gives a valid statement which helps your find professional, qualified staff
  • Increases safety for people and environment