Quality Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification

Quality management is important for all organizations. It helps the organization to analyze its processes as well as customer needs − in order to succeed in fulfilling the goals. Credibility and recognition of a well-functioning quality management system can be reached through certification, an accredited third party proof of quality.

ISO 9001 is the world's best-known quality standard and the most widely used leadership model, based on a philosophy of continuous improvement. It is an excellent tool to improve your business, processes (i.e. working methods, decision making procedures and responsibilities) and leadership in all organizations, whatever their size, in all business branches. An ISO 9001 certificate indicates that your company is functioning effectively in a systematic and customer-oriented way. Yearly audits function as the basis for further development and keep the certificate valid.

Kiwa Inspecta's experts have extensive experience in applying most international standards. Quality management system certified by Kiwa Inspecta can be integrated as part of your company's existing operating system.


  • Supports continuous improvement of your organization and operations
  • Helps to meet clients´ expectations of your development, production and delivery of products and services
  • Recognized all over the world − helps you to face global competition
  • A valid external proof of your dedicated efforts for quality
  • Improves employee participation, awareness of customer needs and motivation as well as clarifies responsibilities
  • Improves risk management
  • A tool to improve supplier relations
  • Supports in brand building, e.g. the right to use the certification mark in marketing communication