Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of Custody Certification

Governments, companies, media and end users are showing growing interest in the origin of timber used as a raw material. One easy way to answer any questions your timber might raise is the chain of custody certificate, which indicates that the timber used comes from sustainably managed certified forests and other sources, which respect laws concerning forests, environment and labour.

In addition, certification provides access to international PEFC and FSC® label licenses. Kiwa Inspecta has over ten years experience in chain of custody certification in Finland and elsewhere in the world. Kiwa Inspecta Sertifiointi is accredited by an international accreditation organisation ASI for FSC®-certification (scope FSC Chain of Custody Worldwide).

Certification ensures that the origin of your timber can be verified and several internationally agreed criteria are fulfilled. Identification of suppliers and the origin of raw materials as well as definition of product groups, calculation methods, responsibilities, procedures and information systems are required.

Your organisation also needs to keep records on training, raw material acquisition, production and sales as well as to commit to respecting labour rights. In addition, annual internal audits and management reviews are required in the PEFC system as well as in FSC® Multi-site systems.


  • Demonstrates corporate responsibility in use of timber and wood-based products
  • Gives access to the PEFC and FSC labels
  • Improves market access
  • Gives opportunity for more profitability through improved pricing