Certificates are confirmation that the quality of your products, management systems and personnel complies with international, national or local requirements. They are also an independant statement from a third party, providing proof of your dedicated efforts to ensure safety, sustainability and the ability to supply your products and services in the best possible way.

Certificates for management systems, products and personnel

Kiwa Inspecta carries out certification in three areas: management systems, products and personnel. A certified management system is a tool that supports continuous improvement of your organization and operations and helps to meet your clients´ expectations on products and services in a good way. Kiwa Inspecta’s services include, among others, certification according to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS occupational health and safety and  EN 50001 (energy).

We also issue product certificates and quality assurance of production in order to get your equipment and construction products CE marked or in order to fulfill other product requirements by local or national authorities. Kiwa Inspecta is a notified organization for many European directives.

To verify your personnel’s competence, Kiwa Inspecta issues personnel certificates i.e. for welders, brazers, welding coordinators and inspectors and operators within many different sectors.

Together with our certification experts, you can increase the competitive advantage of your organization.