Sami Hemminki, NDT Specialist

Sami Hemminki is Kiwa Inspecta’s specialist in Guided Wave Ultrasonics Testing. This newest methodology within NDT testing has brought new interesting tasks to Sami’s work: as the person responsible for the method he not only carries out the daily customer work, but also arranges internal training for Kiwa Inspecta employees in all countries, prepares testing instructions, participates in sales efforts and also takes care of the equipment itself.

How did you become NDT specialist?

“After I finalized my bachelor’s degree in engineering (machinery and production technology) I applied a position as Kiwa Inspecta’s NDT trainee. I didn’t know so much about NDT then, but the two-year trainee period was a good introduction to the field. As trainee I got a lot of education in various methods, like visual, magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing. After a year as a NDT inspector I was asked if I would like to learn about this new technology. So I did!”

Do you have plans for even further education?

“Kiwa Inspecta invests a lot into developing new methods. I think it’s good that we always want to go forward. That gives us employees great development opportunities as we can influence our own career paths. It’s more a question of willingness: I can train myself in new equipment and methods if I want to do so. Many development projects are international, which also brings another angle to my development. Personally I’m eager to learn new things continuously.”

What do you see as the best aspects in your work?

“Besides the possibility of influencing my career, I can also influence my working days, which means a lot of variety. I like to do concrete assignments; for example, at a customers’ power plant or refinery, which, on the other hand, makes the office tasks more interesting. Our team also has a great working atmosphere. We’re a very happy team.”

Name:    Sami Hemminki
Age:    28
Position:  NDT specialist
Service line:  Testing               
Location: Espoo, Finland