Dmitrijs Šļaņins, Laboratory Leading Expert

The start of Dmitrijs Šļaņins career coincided with the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990´s. A tough start for a newly graduated Civil Construction Engineer in Riga, Latvia. After a couple of years in unskilled jobs, he started as an assistant in a Non Destructive Testing (NDT) laboratory.

The laboratory rapidly grew to be the biggest in the Latvian market. Today Dmitrijs Šļaņins is the leading expert at the very same laboratory in Riga, which was incorporated in Kiwa Inspecta in 2005.

Describe the type of work you do.
“People who don’t know this end of the field think we are working in a white Dimitrijs Slaninscoat in sterile conditions. But we are working in dirt, testing tanks, diesel pipes, boilers, hot water pipes and gas lines. In Latvia we have big tanks for storage of oil and oil products, so we do a lot of maintenance work there too. Nowadays though, I am mainly in the office, evaluating results, making offers and such.”

“Our work is quite hard and some tests can only be done at night. Even so, I like this job. When I think about this being my fourteenth year here, that’s what I realise.”

Do you know why?
”Testing is like seeking for imperfections. It’s actually a bit like fishing. I enjoy the search. Also, we have a very good team spirit. Everybody is friendly and helpful.”

In your view, what is the biggest benefit of working for Kiwa Inspecta?
“The Non destructive testing field is moving fast forward all the time, with new methods and equipment. There is always something new happening. Latvia is a small country lacking the resources needed to be able to invest in expensive equipment. Working for Kiwa Inspecta keeps me updated. I enjoy constantly thinking about what method would be best to use in one case or other.”

Where do you see opportunities to develop?
“We see a huge market for non destructive concrete testing. There is a lot of construction of bridges and buildings going on in Latvia at the moment. We hope to make this customer segment grow.”

“Lately we have also worked in some projects together with other Kiwa Inspecta offices. I look forward to work more with our co-workers in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.”

Name:  Dmitrijs Šļaņins
Age: 38
Position: Laboratory Leading Expert
Service line:  Testing
Location: Riga, Latvia