Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

We bring safety, trust and environmental sustainability to northern Europe.
This is the vision we strive to achieve.

Kiwa Inspecta wants to help companies and organisations go forward as an independent, impartial and innovative partner. You have the ambition and Kiwa Inspecta has the knowledge to help you achieve progress. Kiwa Inspecta’s core business lies in activities in testing, inspection and certification TIC) with related training, technology and data services. The specialists from Kiwa Inspecta aim for a long-term relationship with you that is based on equality in order to help you improve your organisation, products, services, processes, management systems and employees. Thus, we aim to contribute to organisations being able to offer quality and adding value to society thanks to their reliability, safety, efficiency and sustainability. Trust, Quality, and Progress!

Our mission

Kiwa Inspecta creates trust by contributing to the transparency of the quality, safety and sustainability of products, services and organisations as well as of personal and environmental performance. Ambitious, Reliable and Engaged.

Our vision

Kiwa Inspecta aims to be an autonomous global TIC organization in certification, testing and (statutory) inspection, strengthened by training and technology services, active in selected market niches worldwide. Thus, we aim to create trust.