Skyview at Globen

Skyview at Globen

Skyview is a one of a kind elevator project. Two bubble-shaped gondolas climb the outside of the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, alternately carrying 16 visitors each on a unique trip to the top. 130 metres above sea level, Skyview offers breathtaking views across Stockholm.

Since its inauguration in 1989, the world’s largest spherical building has drawn huge numbers of visitors to its world-class events.

From blueprint stage

Realising the idea of this unusual and spectacular ride was made possible by close collaboration between Stockholm Globe Arena (SGA) Fastigheter, and NCC, Liftbyggarna and Kiwa Inspecta.

Liftbyggarna, responsible for building the unique cabins, realised that the complexity of the construction would challenge all known standards. Therefore it was decided to involve Kiwa Inspecta right from the start.

“Kiwa Inspecta’s engineers inspect tens of thousands of lifts each year. They are experts and there are many potential pitfalls in such a complex project,” Harry Sjöström, owner and former CEO of Liftbyggarna.

First ever

“Since this is the first time ever that a lift system has been built on the outside of a globe, there were no measurement norms for us to follow.”

“Thanks to Kiwa Inspecta, we were given help in interpreting regulations and provisions, identifying possible standard components and deviations, and ensuring that all requisite special solutions were at least as safe as a certified product,” explains Harry Sjöström.

Ensuring safety

Before a high-flying vision on this scale can be approved for the transportation of passengers, it has to be subjected to stringent safety regulations.

“There is absolutely no margin for error in a project of this magnitude. When it comes to human safety, everything has to be right”, says Kiwa Inspecta’s Project Manager, Rickard Lindh.

Peace of mind for big investment

After more than three years of construction work, the Skyview project is up and running.

“It ought to be obvious to involve Kiwa Inspecta at an early stage in all major construction projects. It makes it easier and more economical in the end,” concludes Mats Grönlund, CEO of SGA Fastigheter.