Inspections Bring Safety to Finavia

Inspections Bring Safety to Finavia

More than 13 million passengers pass through Helsinki-Vantaa Airport each year and there are more than 90 000 flight arrivals. It’s the largest of the 25 airports managed and owned by Finavia Plc in Finland.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has been one of the best airports in Europe, and also the world, since 1997. To handle the large volumes of passengers, baggage and cargo, its facilities and equipment must be in excellent condition and work reliably. Without interruption, 24 hours a day.

Inspection for safety

Kiwa Inspecta is the main supplier of inspection services to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, where preventive maintenance is essential. The aim is to identify possible causes of problems before any faults actually occur. It is also important to pay a lot of attention to fire safety.

“Safety is always the priority for us. People must feel safe, everything must work and people must be able to move from one place to another quickly and smoothly”, says Ari Liukkonen, Service Manager at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Long-term partner

Kiwa Inspecta checks technical equipment and installations in all new constructions at the airport, carries out mandatory in-service inspections of elevators, escalators and lifting devices throughout their lifecycle, and also performs electrical and fire safety inspections.

“We want to pursue long-term cooperation with the inspector, who knows us and our needs exactly”, Ari Liukkonen says. “This way we have access to the necessary competence and can ensure continuity.”

Always prepared

To stay ahead of developments, Kiwa Inspecta helps Finavia by notifying them in good time about changes in legislation or technical developments.

“We feel safe when we collaborate with Kiwa Inspecta”, says Ari Liukkonen from Finavia. “Kiwa Inspecta’s personnel know what they are doing, are familiar with all our relevant requirements and help us in our everyday work in many ways. Their slogan Trust & Quality superbly describes the cooperation between Finavia and Kiwa Inspecta.”