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Success Stories

Success Stories

Some of our customers’ share what benefits came from choosing Kiwa Inspecta services; how our experiences and know-how helped them to protect their assets, secure their availability and avoid costly downtime

Pipe Inspection with Long Range Ultrasonic (LRUT) for ST1

Pipe Inspection with Long Range Ultrasonic (LRUT) for ST1

ST1’s refinery in Gothenburg needed to find out whether a crude oil pipeline could be safely used in the future. The Long Range Ultrasonic (LRUT) method of testing was the answer.


Inspections Bring Safety to Finavia

More than 13 million passengers pass through Helsinki-Vantaa Airport each year and there are more than 90 000 flight arrivals. It’s the largest of the 25 airports managed and owned by Finavia Plc in Finland.

Skyview at Globen

Skyview at Globen

Skyview is a one of a kind elevator project. Two bubble-shaped gondolas climb the outside of the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, alternately carrying 16 visitors each on a unique trip to the top. 130 metres above sea level, Skyview offers breathtaking views across Stockholm.

Biovakka Image

The Cambi Process at Biovakka

Biovakka Suomi Oy in Turku, Finland, produces heat, electricity and fertilizer from sludge and waste. When building a new bio-waste plant, tremendous effort was made to make it an efficient and safe workplace. To ensure maximized uptime and biogas output, Biovakka chose the Cambi process for sludge treatment and Kiwa Inspecta for safety inspections.


Risk-based Inspection Management (RBI) for Borealis

The Borealis cracker plant at Stenungsund works with risk-based inspection (RBI) to assess the risk of future damage. Borealis has employed the services of Kiwa Inspecta for many years to carry out its inspections and work systematically with risk awareness.