Governments, Municipalities & Institutions


Governments, Municipalities & Institutions

Ensure safety for your visitors and avoid expensive shutdowns 

Many people visit your buildings and activities for different reasons − which means you often need to fulfill several legal requirements. In addition to your main focus of providing local services, it is crucial that everything works properly backstage. That means, for example, that the facilities are safe for your visitors and your employees. An accident or faulty equipment can be both expensive and lead to dissatisfied customers.

Full control of your facilities, systems and equipment

We help you make sure that your equipment is in good condition and is safe to use. We have long experience in inspection, testing, certification and technical consulting - from lifting devices and pressurized equipment all the way to building services and system certification for environment and IT security. We make sure that you always have full control of your facilities, systems and equipment; that you live up to all statutory’ requirements and that you can provide safety both for your visitors and your employees. With Inspecta as a partner in safety you can focus on your business and services and avoid expensive shutdowns.