Wind Power


Wind Power

As wind power is rapidly growing it is also increasingly challenged by economical, political and environmental matters from an ever-larger group of stakeholders, such as governments, communities, utilities and general public opinion. The image and reputation of the industry is easily affected by any sort of operational incident. Your top priority is, therefore, safe and constant operation.

With wind farms located in inaccessible places, spread all over the country, operators and owners face increased challenges as the trend is shifting to a more industrial and large-scale form of operation . Simply put, the space for mistakes during planning, building or operation is extremely limited. Therefore you need to manage your assets and investments in a proactive way.

Safety is our main focus. We assist you with our knowledge and experience during the entire lifecycle of your wind power plant. To rationalize and optimize your maintenance efforts we gather our inspections into a single occasion. Our wide spread network of experts and offices gives you access to our support even at the most inaccessible locations.

We know what it takes to for you to provide safe working conditions, a safe environment surrounding your wind power plant and to make sure your operational availability is as effective and profitable as possible.