Waste Incineration Plants


Waste Incineration Plants

Maximize your up-time with a high level of safety

It is a huge challenge to always keep a high level of up-time, every day, throughout the year.

The waste our society produces cannot be stored for long. You have to make sure the waste will be taken care of immediately and turned into energy. That is your important and responsible mission. It is not an option to allow disruptions or accept unpredictable breakdowns.  You need to make sure your plant is up and running, with a high level of safety and security. Additionally, you need to plan for maintenance and investment to keep ahead of the game.

Inspecta is well aware of the challenges you face in your operation. Since the 1970’s, we have inspected Waste Incineration Plants all over Northern Europe and therefore have a great deal of experience and knowledge about the commonly occurring damage and problems in this field. By using us as a partner we will do our outmost to help you find mechanisms prone to failure before they result in an unplanned break down.

Highly qualified inspectors and shared knowledge

With all the information our inspections yield, we can provide you with a valuable ‘wear and tear’ history, for you to use as a tool for your maintenance- and investment planning.

We support you during your regular maintenance stoppages with a team of inspectors, going through the plant and pointing out weak areas. By doing this at an early stage, we support you in keeping to your time plan and make your maintenance downtime as effective as possible.

One of our strengths is our co-workers. Our inspectors meet together regularly, share experiences and discuss causes of damages and breakdowns. In this way we enhance our experience and knowledge, which will greatly benefit you as a customer. If we have seen similar wear and tear or damage in other plants, we know we have to be alert to inspect that particular area in your plant and that way help you avoid a costly breakdown.