Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management


Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management

Identification and management of occupational health and safety risks is a challenge for all businesses. Some businesses have very clear risks to manage; in others, risks are not so obvious. However it must be remembered that all risks − maybe caused by poor ventilation, repetitive strain injuries, falling or poisoning − can not only turn into serious heath problems for your team members but also incure great costs and significant loss of productivity.

Inspecta’s services are based on precise and competent workplace risk assessment and analysis. Our highly qualified experts explore and identify the existing risk factors helping you to make decisions for the development of necessary safety measures. Our services not only reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries, but also provide answers on what needs to be done to create a better and safer working environment.

With our help, you will be able understand which harmful and dangerous factors exist in your working environment, how large the risks are and who is exposed to those risks. We also advise you on what prevention measures must be taken, by whom and when. Our analysis also helps you to assess how much the prevention of such risks will cost.


  • Helps to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Gives you tools to manage occupational health and safety risks
  • Helps to create a better, safer and more productive working environment
  • Provides you with clear recommendations for further measures
  • Raises risk awareness amongst your employees