Consultant expertise for Elevators & Escalators


Consultant expertise for Elevators & Escalators

When you need to renovate, rebuild or buy a new lift for your property, you need expert help. Inspecta Technology’s consultants can advise you on renovation, remodelling and new construction of all types of elevators and escalators.



Construction Surveyor

After you have installed a new lift, we can help you with a final inspection to ensure your contractor's installation, materials and quality. In addition, we also help you with a warranty inspection before the warranty period expires.

Renovation and refurbishment

Old and worn lifts can often be refurbished with both flair and style to keep the lift’s original character and appearance. Inspecta’s specialists go through the entire lift, from control systems to machinery. Our report will help you implement an optimal reconstruction at the lowest cost and with the highest safety.

New construction

If you need to install a new elevator or escalator, we will help you with the project, from initial specification right up to your finished installation.

Purchasing an elevator maintenance contract

An elevator maintenance contract is a must to ensure regular servicing and maintenance of your elevator. Such a contract is both a complex and complicated service to evaluate.

We help you

• adapt the service to your exact requirements

• evaluate the proposals received

• check ​​services when carried out through our quality control inspections

Benefits with Consultant expertise for Elevators & Escalators

• With our expert help you get the optimal solution for your elevator or escalator

• Legal counsel provides the right solution from the start. It is both cost and time efficient