Energy Performance Audit and Certificate


Energy Performance Audit and Certificate

Energy use in buildings has been a hot topic for years: in Northern Europe, housing is one of the biggest producers of CO2 emissions. Achieving good energy efficiency requires the right kind of management of energy-based solutions. Furthermore, the continuing control and monitoring of your real estate’s energy consumption is essential to be able to reduce energy consumption and the high costs related to it. Increasing the energy efficiency also helps to keep up your real estate’s value for longer time periods.

Inspecta helps to optimize your energy consumption by executing real estate energy performance audits and providing energy economic analyses. In the audit, we analyze your building’s energy efficiency by surveying the functionality of the automation, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, as well as the condition of electricity systems and lighting. Based on the survey, the building’s systems can be adjusted to the right level and monitored systematically. We also issue energy performance certificates to compare the energy efficiency of different buildings. In many countries, an energy performance certificate is required by law when a building or a part of it is inaugurated, sold or sublet. Our energy inspectors are licensed in structures, HVAC, automation and electricity techniques, and all our Energy Performance Certificate authors are qualified energy inspectors.


  • Helps to cut down your energy consumption costs
  • Optimizes energy consumption
  • Reduces emissions
  • Saves money on heating energy, electrical energy and water
  • Provides a clear document confirming the building’s energy performance