Cleanroom Inspection


Cleanroom Inspection

Cleanrooms are essential in, for example, pharmaceutical manufacturing, where it is of the utmost importance that the environment only includes a controlled level of pollutants, microbes or chemical vapors. Inspections are a tool to ensure that cleanrooms and their equipment installation are safe, correctly built, operational and meet the required regulations and standards.

Inspecta’s experts carry out cleanroom testing according to valid classifications, standards and authority regulations. Cleanrooms are classified according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air. We measure this with a quick and optic particle counter (discrete particle counter – DPC). In addition, we accurately and reliably measure the required physical magnitudes of the cleanroom and its equipment. For medicine manufacturing premises, we also define the bio-contamination level, surface contamination speed and conduct necessary special testing.

Inspecta offers help also when you have found out that your premises do not meet the standards or when you need advice on, for example, repairing constructions or ventilation. With the help of our service you can ensure that the cleanroom can be taken into use cost-efficiently and quickly.


  • Ensures safety 
  • Keeps cleanroom usability at the highest level
  • Takes occupational health and safety aspects into account
  • Assures meeting technical requirements
  • New constructions or ventilation systems carried out correctly and on schedule