Handling of appeals and complaints

Appeals and complaints shall be delivered in writing. If you wish to send more informal feedback concerning our organization please contact us through the "Contact"-page.

An appeal is certified customer’s complaint regarding the decision on  certification. An appeal has to be delivered in writing within 14 days from the receipt of the decision. The aggrieved party shall have an initial response regarding the appeal.

The appeal is handled by an impartial, qualified Appeals Board comprising a chairman and two members for each complaint nominated from the members of Certification Committee.The appeal will be handled in the appeal committee as described in certification guidelines (ABC 200 Management system assesment and certification procedure /Product certification general rules). The certification body will keep the aggrieved party informed throughout the process.

For more information regarding this, please contact customerservice@inspecta.com.

A complaint concerns certified organization's management system or product. If a customer or other party makes a complaint regarding the justification of certificate, the certifier handles the complaint impartially. This group won’t include person(s) involved in the certification activities in question. The complainant will receive a written answer with specified proposed actions in response to the complaint.

Appeals and complaints can be delivered either via e-mail (customerservice@inspecta.com) or via mail:

Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy
P.O. Box 1000
FI-00581 Helsinki

Regarding FSC-certification, the aggrieved party has always the opportunity and shall be offered the chance to refer their complaint to FSC’s dispute resolution process (https://ic.fsc.org/).